Thursday, November 18, 2010

My love affair with cold-country mysteries continues

I’ve been slow to read Arnaldur Indriđason’s Voices and don’t want to write about it until I’m done, but I am very pleased to have discovered it. It’s my first but his third in a series of mysteries set in Reykjavik featuring Inspector Erlendur. I picked it up at a recent library book sale. My library – or Friends of the Library to be accurate – has half a dozen book sales a year. They divide the books into categories – history, politics, cookbooks, etc., and then they divide hardcover fiction by gender of writer. I’d never seen it done that way before and found it odd and mildly upsetting at first, as if women were only interested in reading other women and men just want to skip to the manly table. But if you’re looking for something specific it’s somewhat helpful. I wish they would separate mysteries out, and I really wish they did that on the library’s shelves. My library has a system of colored dots on the books’ spines, representing mystery, romance, etc., which is almost useless. I’ve been to other libraries that shelves mysteries separately. If you’re going to bother to label them why not just give them their own shelves? 


In the meantime, while I strive to finish Voices in the next couple days, maybe someone could solve the mystery of why Bristol Palin is still on Dancing with the Stars.  

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