Monday, November 29, 2010

I can quit you

Have you ever decided to stop reading an author? I don't mean your interest in her lengthy series wanes, or you forget about a writer after going onto other authors, or even that his last book left a bad taste in your mouth. I think that's what happened with me and Patricia Cornwell, but I stopped reading her so long ago that I really can't remember why. 

I can remember only two authors I chose to stop reading. Elizabeth George, because her books are overwritten. I stopped long before she killed off one of her main characters, which wouldn't have bothered me but caused quite an uproar in her reading community. And Archer Mayor, because it seemed like every crime at the center of his books involved violence against women. 

I doubt I'll pick up Elizabeth George again, my patience for verbosity growing shorter with age, but I will read Archer Mayor. I love Vermont and I don't doubt that his mysteries are more diverse than I remember.

For lovers of film noir, Five Books interviews film writer Barry Forshaw about his favorite books on film noir. Me, I'd rather watch one than read about the genre, but I am certain the books are worthy in their own right.

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