Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Web site

If you're like me and try to read a mystery series in order, then bookmark Stop, You're Killing Me! The site lists hundreds of series in order, indexed both by author and character. It also categorizes books by lead character's job so if you're really interested in, say, dancers who do detection, you can find books about that unusual scenario. It also lists major award winners and has what looks like a comprehensive listing of upcoming books. I put a link to it on my blog list to the right if you misplace it. 

Also: the link to a short interview with Scottish cozy writer M C Beaton was in my inbox this morning. In it, she lists her five favorite books, including one by Josephine Tey, which I should put on my classics-to-be-read list.

I find a lot of mystery-related Web sites are outdated and defunct. Have any good and thriving sites I can add to my blog list?


Linkmeister said...

Hi. Got here from Balloon-Juice. I too am a mystery fan (probably 1/3 of my library is suspense/mystery/). What I'm here for, though, is to suggest where to start with your text size for "comments."

You need to look in your template for a section called ".post-footer." There's a line there which reads "font-size: 90%" (I looked at it with the "view source" command in my browser). Try changing that to 100%, then save and rebuild the template. Then when you reload the page in your browser hopefully the "Posted by," "Comments," and "Labels" lines will be larger.

Good luck.

Cops and Cozies said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Linkmeister said...

Grins. You're welcome.

I noticed you were looking for other mystery/crime blogs. Here's one that's focused on books from outside North America. Peter is a good guy.

He's got about fifty links to other blogs by authors and locations on his sidebar, so you could look at those to see which ones you might want to put on your own blog.

I write about books fairly often at my place, but I don't target crime/mystery; I'm all over the lot.

Cops and Cozies said...

Thanks, Linkmeister. I added Peter's blog to my blog list and bookmarked yours.